BGP Tunnels

Available for educational and research purposes

Educate yourself about BGP

Our free BGP tunnel offering is available for any individual which would like to start using BGP for educational or research purposes. All our tunnels are based on GRE, offer a full table of IPv6 routes and accept trusted / verified announcements based on IRR data within the RIPE database.

Thanks to our automation platform we can quickly spin up new tunnels without much administrative overhead and are able to update our route filters daily to ensure a secure and trusted environment without risking to cause any negative impact on the global routing tables.

Please note that for policy and verification purposes we only accept the announcement of resources registered to the RIPE database. Should you not own an ASN and/or IP space yet, feel free to take a look at our competitively priced RIPE LIR services to get started.

  • 100% free with no strings attached
  • Full feed of IPv6 default-free zone
  • Automated route filters based on IRR and RPKI
  • Announce your own IPv6 space
  • Extensive set of BGP communities
  • Self-management through client area

BGP Tunnel

IPv6 full-feed via GRE tunnel

  • Available in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Measure your latency to our endpoints: (FRA1) (FRA1)

Who is the service for?

Each free BGP tunnel we are offering to a customer causes monthly operational costs on our side, which is why we are forced to restrict the usage of them to strictly educational and research purposes. Please make sure you fulfill all requirements before requesting access to our service.

In case you are unsure whether you qualify for a free BGP tunnel, feel free to contact our sales department in advance through ticketing.

Tunnel must be only used for educational and research purposes
Written justification must be given how you plan to use the tunnel
Bandwidth usage must be kept to an absolute minimum

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