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RIPE IP Address Leasing

Started a new venture and looking for address space to be independent of your provider? Look no further and contact us today, we deliver fast and offer both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets for cheap prices!

RIPE Sponsoring LIR Services

Got your own PI resources (e.g. ASN or IP subnets) or interested in getting some? Still looking for a reliable and trustworthy sponsoring LIR? Drop us a message and we will give your resources a new, safe home.

IPv6 BGP Tunnels

Do you want to get started with using BGP for educational/research purposes? Are you looking for additional transit providers through tunnel? We will gladly support you with your project - for free!


Looking for a reliable place to rent your domains? We are offering all well known TLDs for a fair price, bundled with awesome support!

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