Our participation in community projects

Tor Entry / Middle Relay

Tor is network software that helps users to enhance their privacy, security, and safety online. It protects users against hazards such as harassment, spam, and identity theft. We are running a entry/middle relay since more than two years to support the Tor project. You can find our relay with detailed statistics on Tor Metrics.

ArchiveTeam Warrior

We run an instance of the ArchiveTeam Warrior, which is a virtual appliance contributing to the efforts of the ArchiveTeam to preserve our digital heritage. It will automatically collect and scrape websites and otherwise publicly available data which is at risk of being shut down in the near future. - Jabber Server

We run our own privacy-focussed Jabber server called, where anyone can freely register to start chatting over a secure and open protocol. Our server follows all current best practices and offers a wide set of features. You can find further information about this project on its dedicated website at

Open Source Projects

We understand the importance of open source projects and actively participate at GitHub by publishing various parts of our infrastructure as well as other fun projects to the world, which can be found on our GitHub profile. Additionally the founder of this company, Pascal Mathis, is also an active member of the open-source community.